Weekly Playlist: The Top Songs You Should Have Heard This Week

If two is better than one, eleven is definitely better than ten and such is the case for your beloved weekly playlist of top songs. Sure, one came out last week (looking at you, Cub Sport) but we can’t help that it was so good it still deserved a spot in this week’s cut as well!

We’ve got a lot of local flavours in this week’s list, with three acts hailing from Brisbane – the aforementioned Cub Sport as well as Emma Louise (who was remixed by Little Dragon) and Feki (who remixes Anna Of The North). We’ve also got some surf-psych jams from WA (Gunns), a couple of Melbourne acts (Hoodlem and Private Life) as well as Sydney’s Tigertown. Not to mention some international takes like a Louie Lastic remix of Kelela featuring GoldLink, some Bishop Nehru, a collab between Katy B and Kaytranada and not to mention a lit remix of Tory Lanez by Shlohmo and we have once again got you covered with the top songs you should have heard this week!

Gunns, Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog

WA darlings Gunns have a lot to be happy about right now. They’re about to join Albert Hammond Jr on tour (yes, the guitarist from The Strokes), they’re releasing their debut EP on February 12th AND it’s on the same label as a few fellow Western Australians like POND and that tiny band called Tame Impala. They’ve also shared a brand new single this week, titled Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog. Sounding like an Aussie version of Temples in the best possible way, this dreamy psych-surf band are bound for great things, and this song once again proves it.

Kelela, Rewind (Louie Lastic Remix ft. GoldLink)

Kelela was just in the country for a mindblowing whirlwind mini tour, and GoldLink is just about to touch down for Laneway. Although they didn’t cross paths in the literal sense, they certainly have in the sonic sense with this latest release. Jumping on a guest verse for producer Louie Lastic, the two have spun Kelela’s huge single Rewind into an old-school jam, complete with upbeat, bubbling synths, skittering beats, and a groove that just won’t fucking quit. It’s a total jam.

Anna Of The North, The Dreamer (Feki Remix)

Brisbane producer Feki has once again shown he really means business, and has remixed the hell out of Anna Of The North’s The Dreamer. We’ve had our eye on him for a while and each and every time he releases something, he sucks us in even more with his forward thinking, future-RnB production. He capitalises on the sad vibes and hones in on it, amping up the dark vibes and heaping on the emotion. Anna Of The North said it best herself when she told Nylon, “The Dreamer is already a sad song, but I like that Feki’s remix is darker. He makes it ok to cry at the club.” Damn straight.

Hoodlem, Kintsugi

Melbourne duo Hoodlem blew me away when I stumbled upon them at last year’s BIGSOUND in Brisbane, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Thankfully, they’ve finally released some new music this week, which earned them a spot in this playlist instantly. The duo are a powerhouse in a live setting, and have been bringing their A-game with each release since they dropped their tremendous single Through last year. Now they’re gearing up for the release of a new EP coming in March and they’re sounding better than ever. Kinstugi is the first taste of that record, and its glitchy, soulful vibes with their typically fantastic production skills makes for a very exciting release indeed.

Tigertown, Lonely Cities

Tigertown have an uncanny knack of making you think you’re listening to an unassuming indie track, but then catching you by surprise and blowing you totally out of the water with how great they sound. It’s a risky move but they always seem to pull it off, so why the hell not? The band return with their second single of the year, Lonely Cities, and it’s huge. Although the lyrics aren’t exactly celebrating the feeling of being lonely, they’ve juxtaposed them with some totally liberating, joyous and borderline euphoric singalongs, guitar melodies and sharp drums. If only all loneliness felt this good!

Bishop Nehru, Forever And A Day

You might know Bishop Nehru from his feature spot on Flight Facilities‘ excellent debut album, Down To Earth, on the track Why Do You Feel, but it is about time everyone knew him for his capabilities on his own as well. This song is a sultry, inviting, groovy number with some fierce verses and Nehru’s easy flow, he talks about his rise to fame and how his drive keeps him go. He doesn’t sound like he’s quitting anytime soon judging from this track, and that is some very good news for Nehru fans new, old and those still to come. It’s only up from here!

Katy B x Kaytranada, Honey

Anything that Kaytranada lends his hand to has a 99.99% chance of being amazing, and this latest track is no exception. Working with Katy B, this is a smoky and smooth number that shows B’s impeccable vocals and Kaytranada’s flawless-as-ever production. It’s the first taste from her forthcoming Honey LP (which has a tracklist that features everyone from Craig DavidMajor LazerFour TetFloating Points and more), and it’s impressive to say the least. It’s got a groove that is perfect for the bedroom, and Katy B’s sexy hook doesn’t go too bad either for the bedroom vibes. Thank us later.

Tory Lanez, Say It (Shlohmo Remix)

There was a time where Shlohmo was making some of the most experimental music of his career, and the days of him working with Jeremih felt like a bygone era. However, this latest remix is Shlohmo back to his RnB remixing best, as he takes Tory Lanez’ Say It, and makes it fucking lit. It’s still got his trademark dark sounds, and has an air of mystery about it, but it’s also got some token hip-hop drums, crashing cymbals, trap leanings and more to keep it dance-y and fun. Is this a sign Shlohmo is heading back towards his hip-hop roots?

Private Life, Dragon

Melbourne indie two-piece Private Life are fighting the good fight to make “pop” not such a dirty word anymore, and their latest track, Dragon is a perfect example of how well it can be done. Showcasing some huge vocals, crashing cymbals, a hook that won’t quit and some unpredictable production courtesy of Nicolas Lam (from Red Bull Music Academy), Private Life sounds like Australia’s answer to CHVRCHES with one less member and one hell of a knack for good songs. Dragon is explosive yet gentle, uplifting yet fragile, and seriously, SERIOUSLY impressive. We’re expecting big things from these guys.

Emma Louise, Underflow (Little Dragon Remix)

I mean, if you are going to get anyone to remix your comeback single, surely Little Dragon are pretty high up on the list of desired artists to do so. Brisbane artist Emma Louise has achieved just that, with the Swedish band stepping up for rework duties this week on her track Underflow. It was already an absolutely stunning single in its own right, so it’s only fitting that it gets an equally stunning remix, and it sounds like it was in pretty safe hands with Little Dragon. A racing almost-heartbeat like thump keeps the track running along as more and more is carefully poured into the mix. Splashy cymbals, vocal loops and subtle synths carry it along as Emma Louise’s vulnerable original vocals remain in tact. This marks the first remix in four years for the band, so if that alone doesn’t tell there is something great about this track, we don’t know what will.

Cub Sport, I Can’t Save You

Brisbane band Cub Sport fell off the grid for a while there, but towards the end of 2015 it was confirmed that their absence was indeed intentional as they returned to the fray with the release of Only Friend. Back on form, the band have now shared another brilliant track titled I Can’t Save You – another exciting cut from their forthcoming album, This Is Our Vice. A glimmering exercise in synth-driven indie-pop, Cub Sport are wasting no time in reminding us who they are, and keeping our excitement levels at worryingly high levels in the lead up to This Is Our Vice‘s March 4th release.

Image of Hoodlem via Facebook