PLAYLIST: Breakthrough Fridays

Every week, we put together a “breakthrough” playlist of upcoming, independent acts from around the globe. We do this because there’s so many talented upcoming artists out there, and it can be so hard to find a platform to promote and spread their music around.

While our playlist covers a complete range of genres and styles, this week we’re taking things a little slower, a little jazzier.

If you’d like to be featured in next week’s Breakthrough Playlist, please submit your music to us via SubmitHub.com.


Teck-Zilla, Human Nature (Jackson Jones Flip)
Strong beats, a shuffling rhythm and one of the coolest classic-track flips I’ve heard in a long, long time. Feelgood vibes all around.

Dena Deadly, Glad To Be Alive
Funky, carefree and easy to groove along to, this is a really enjoyable, light-hearted country-infused pop track, complete with gorgeous vocal harmonies. Perfect for those sunny afternoons!

WDL, Hurricane Highlife, (ft. MAWE)
Brooding and beautiful, it’s easy to immediately get lost among this soulful, Alt J-esque track and its gorgeous semi-ambient instrumental layers.

 AR Ferdinand, As You Wish (ft. Harriet Brown)
Emotive and evocative, this is an interesting track, blending rainy-Sunday-afternoon vibes with bouncy R&B grooves. Unique and funky, I could easily listen to this over and over on repeat.

Ash Shakur, Nokia
Well, this one is a lot of fun. Bouncy and heartfelt, the track blends comedically (or is it satirically?) Gen Z lyrics with smooth, sensual instrumental layers. “Give me a call on my Nokia phone… Hope this is nostalgic,” he croons – and indeed, it totally is, especially the old school ringtone at the end!

Sweeney, Bottle Talk (Prod. Nova Jazz)
Jazzy and evocative, this is a really beautiful number that I’m excited to share. I love how much of a resurgence there is of jazz in hip-hop, and this track is just so on point. A wonderful flow, slick lyrics and a beautiful vibe overall, this is my favourite song on this week’s playlist.

Shallows, Enso
Indie-infused electro-pop at its finest, I’m really digging the atmosphere of this wonderful piece. Sitting halfway between classic rock and on-trend electronica, it’s subtle and balladic, catchy and cool.

The Vice, Calculator 
Opening on a cool indie-electro vibe with a big beat and casual chords, I quickly found myself immersed in the velvety smooth melody and understated, yet catchy chorus.

Eryn Allen Kanye, Have Mercy (The 83rd Remix)
This is a stunning, gospel-sounding remix by a producer who has apparently worked with Angel Haze and Mos Def. Those vocals are simply phenomenal, and they truly shine through the stripped back soundscape. I can’t get enough of this!

Ursa Major, Dusk

Okay, ending on a really strong one. A huge, heavy bass and seductive rhythm work so well together, while vocals and wind layers fill in the soundscape with perfect balance. One for the bedroom playlist for sure.

Image: Teck-Zilla/Facebook