Gallant & Sufjan Stevens

Gallant Covers Sufjan Stevens… With Sufjan Stevens

In terms of electiveness, it has always been fairly apparent that Sufjan Stevens’ multi-instrumental talent spans all kinds of brilliance. And now he has lent both his writing and his performance skills to LA artist Gallant’s latest venture. Appearing on the inaugural episode of In The Room, the concept is a video series of collaborations, featuring different artists, to pay tribute to and to create something new.

Together, Gallant and Stevens perform Blue Bucket Of Gold, off Stevens’ 2015 album Carrie & Lowell. The duo recorded live last December, in just one take at a studio in New York City, with Stevens playing piano as Gallant takes the vocal. Lending his voice to Stevens’ poignant track, Gallant manages to transpose the song to somewhere closer to his alt-R&B roots, but without losing the sweetness of the original. A particularly beautiful moment on the album, Gallant’s version stretches the vocals to a heightened drama with some impressive high notes. Guided by Steven’s instrumentation it never quite loses sight of the song’s roots with delicate piano and choruses.

Watch through to the end of the video to hear Sufjan Stevens elaborate on the story of the “blue bucket of gold”. Recounting a mythical story from his childhood holiday destination Oregon during the gold rush, where local children returned home with a bucket full of sand and rocks, and also gold. Sparking a search for a lost goldmine, which never existed.

The pair have toured together previously, including that famous moment where they covered Drake’s Hotline Bling together. Gallant and Stevens will also both appear at this year’s Coachella festival in California.

Stevens last visited Australia in mid-2015 for a special run of performances at The Sydney Opera House. He returns next month for a full Australian tour, which takes place next month with dates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

The recording of In The Room Ep. 1 is also available to stream through Spotify.