Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens shares remix of ‘Blue Bucket Of Gold’

Sufjan Stevens has shared a remixed version of his track Blue Bucket Of Gold. Describing the remix as a nod to the live version performed on Stevens’ tour, the track was recorded with his touring band between studios in Brooklyn and Portland. The final song off his latest album Carrie & Lowell, in its original form, it is a beautifully aching moment reflecting the minimalistic approach that pervades the record.

The remix has a sharper edge than the original, with programmed beats and a return to electronica elements. Losing nothing of its heartbreaking feel, the sweetness of the original is transposed into a trip-hop infused ambience. Building out the track, throbbing bass driven synths and shimmering effects create a much bigger sound than the stripped back sensibility of Carrie & Lowell. The slow beat build is easily imagined in a live context, and you can hear how this version of Blue Bucket Of Gold could impressively fill out venues.

Also having showcased an upbeat version of All Of Me Wants All Of You on his recent UK tour, Stevens will be embarking on a second tour with Carrie & Lowell. Dates have now been announced, check out the details here for his Australian shows if you need to hear these tracks live!