Waka Flocka brings the heat on “Am 2 Pm”

You’ve got to hand it to Waka Flocka. There aren’t many artists in the game that can jump on a track with Good Charlotte, introduce the world to Japanese trap music with some of his fellow rap cohorts, or even announce his bid for the US presidency. Everyone’s favourite braided hip hop persona is back, and boy does he deliver.

When the incredibly loud rapper isn’t making you feel bad because you cannot multitask in the slightest, he has been releasing a steady stream of new music, and slowly returning to his trap roots. While Waka has drifted slightly from the style that he introduced to the world with Flockaveli in recent years, it would appear that he is coming to grips with the fact that he excels behind a hard hitting beat, and adrenaline inducing vibes.

That brings us to Am 2 Pm, a track which all but reaffirms the sound that the Atlanta rapper will adopt on his upcoming Flockaveli II project. The album has been delayed and postponed for what seems like an eternity, with fans continually starved of any solid information regarding a release; from a definitive track listing to a release date itself.

The track itself is just about as aggressive as they come, with Waka Flocka delivering a sound that takes us back a few years, bringing the heat that has defined the trap genre, and perhaps led to the original Waka Flocka Flame title that the rapper adopted. Southside and DJ Spinz  assume the production role behind the boards, and while the beat is far from complex or multifaceted, it provides a hard hitting backdrop for Waka to deliver his unique lyrical assault.

Waka Flocka continues to whet the appetite of trap and hip hop fans alike, and with a steady slew of releases continue to unearth themselves, the suspense is slowly building for the rapper to build upon the classic status of Flockaveli; let’s just hope he finally decides to ease the pain of an agonizing wait with a release date..