Rick Ross
Press photo 2014

Rick Ross wants to collaborate with Adele

Rick Ross. If you take his word for things, he is “the biggest boss”. Perhaps then it comes as quite the surprise that the larger than life rapper has voiced his desire to collaborate with none other than pop singing sensation Adele.

Whether or not Rick Ross appears to be riding on the back of Adele’s record breaking debut of Hello remains to be seen, as a potential collaboration between the two does not exactly seem to be a perfect match.

In an interview with Complex in which he revealed the album art for his upcoming Black Market release, Rick Ross has detailed his passion and desire to work with the UK songstress, and we can’t fault his eager attitude:

“I love the Adele single. I’m a huge fan of Adele, her last album, the 21 project, I loved that album. I’m just a fan.

I’m reaching out through you guys right now. Adele, I love you, baby. Get at me — I got a wonderful idea for us. [Laughs] Congratulations on your new music.”

While the request seems absurd at first, there is at least some shared connection between the two artists. Ross seems to have created the genius idea of jumping on a remix of Hello, and the results are surprisingly not that bad:

While Ross is seemingly attempting to cater to a mainstream audience, it would be amiss to ignore the legal troubles that have continued to engulf the rapper. After implications in a rape case earlier this year, Ricky Rozay has recently been serving under house arrest following a ‘pistol-whipping’ incident.

Only time will tell as to whether we will see a future collaboration between the pairing, but the criminal record that Ross carries might be enough to sway Adele from any future endeavours.