Watch the Stunning New Foals Video for ‘Give It All’

English emotional rockers Foals released what this site thinks is one of the best albums of this year in the form of What Went Down a few months ago. Blistering, crashing, heart wrenching tracks spanning a variety of different styles and genres comprise the record in what is the band’s most explosive effort yet. Seeing them transition even further away from the math-rock roots to more accessible indie rock, the band concentrate on their ability to bring even the strongest of listeners to tears whilst showing off just how goddamn skilled they are with their instruments.

It is hard to pick a favourite track off the album – each one serves its own purpose and has its own place on the record. However, there are a few clear standouts for each individual, and the band’s latest single happens to be mine. Having teased the release of of a video for their track Give It All on social media with the simplistic caption of “Tomorrow” (I mean, what else could you really say), the band have now come through with the goods and then some with this latest clip.

Teaming up with longtime collaborator Nabil, the clip for Give It All is all you would think it would be and more. Judging from the record, it was one of the more intimate songs on an already intimate album, and one that would be a total tearjerker to see live. Frontman Yannis Philippakis‘ voice coaxes you in – gentle but still so commanding – whilst the lyrics slowly tear you down, detailing a relationship falling apart. Leaving enough room for you to fill your own story of heartbreak in, the track is a light touch on the break pedal in the whole of What Went Down, but is a pang of sadness as a standalone song. The clip only amplifies this, following actor Jérémie Renier as he grapples with his inner demons and memories of his lover (Caroline Fauvet). It’s a relatively simple clip, but Nabil manages to build and build the emotion and intensity to an almost unnervingly heartbreaking clip in just a few minutes.

FOALS – Give It All – director cut from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Foals are currently in the midst of a world tour, and will be heading to Australia for the Falls and Southbound festivals for New Year’s Eve, as well as a few sideshows as well. If there are any remaining tickets to any of their shows, we strongly recommend you get on those now – this is not a band you’ll want to miss.