Watch the virtual reality video for The Weeknd + Eminem’s ‘The Hills’ remix

The Weeknd is taking a leaf out of Foals and Jack White‘s books, delving into the world of 360 degree interactive technology with the new video for the Eminem-featuring remix of his whopper hit The Hills. A collaboration with Apple Music and GoPro, the video allows the viewer to take control of their experience by rotating the video using the A/S/W/D keys or their mouse, enabling a multi-angled view of the video.

This video shares similarities with The Hillsoriginal clip, showing the singer walking out of a building and parking lot, leaving a burning car ahead of him. Flaming meteors are also raining down around him – you can play around with the angles to get a better view. As the video progresses starts to get weird, with large flaming phoenixes pouring out of a car – symbolic for something, probably.

The short clip falls just under the two minute mark, just long enough for Eminem’s heavy-hitting first verse.

The remix splashed onto the scene last week, adding even more gusto to the chart-dominating hit (it’s currently in its fifth week at the top of the Billboard charts). As well as the Eminem remix came a stunning redux from Nicki Minaj, which once again reinstated the fact that her rap skills are unparalleled, and something we’ll hopefully here more of in the future.

Check out the weird but wonderful video below, and the track in full: