The Weeknd drops ‘The Hills’ remixes ft. Eminem AND Nicki Minaj

I’m sure we’ve all heard enough of The Weeknd‘s mammoth no. 1 single The Hills to last at least seven lifetimes. The young R&B/pop superstar has smashed the charts with his seductive hit, off recent album Beauty Behind The Madness.

We’d forgive you for proclaiming that you might never want to hear the track again. But I’ve got two good reasons for you to give it a couple more spins.

Reason 1: A newly remixed version is out featuring Eminem.

Reason 2: A newly remixed version is out featuring Nicki Minaj.

Both new versions are divinely wicked in their own ways.

Eminem’s signature aggression – delivered in a far more calculated and understated form level to what it used to be, but aggression nonetheless – complements the sexy rhythm and chorus in a way that raises the track from a late-night club banger to a hard-hitting, brilliant hip-hop offering. I’m so accustomed to Eminem talking about sex in a dark, comedic or threatening tone, it’s actually really amazing to hear him talking about in more of a Weeknd-esque manner. Angry, sure, but explicit in a dirty manner, as opposed to violent.

Minaj is a brilliant and thoroughly underused rapper. I was first introduced to her via her spitfire verse on Kanye’s Monster, and ever since, I’ve been desperately hanging on to the occasional rap verses she releases. Her take on the single probably fits the sound even better than Eminem, to be honest. It’s light and dirty – hopefully the first of many collaborations between the pair, who have both blurred the boundaries between R&B and pop superstardom.

Minaj also joined the Weekend on stage to perform the track on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Watch here.

For all his attempts at transforming into a pop star, these hip hop remixes are absolutely brilliant.

Stream it here via Spotify!