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‘Sorry’ Not Sorry: The new Bieber x Skrillex is awesome.

Justin Bieber and Skrillex have teamed up once again for new single Sorry, to feature on Bieber’s upcoming album, Purpose.

We’ve been detailing his rise from annoying teenybopper to respectable artist, and now we’ve got another track to prove it. It’s clear that he’s shed his bubblegum pop skin, and we’re now starting to piece together what the new and improved Justin Bieber sound will be. Sorry, together with What Do You Mean, both feature an airy, breathy and passionate Bieber, crooning atop understated tropical-inspired (but thankfully not actually tropical) beats. We knew that he and Skrillex worked well together, following the release of mammoth single Where Are U Now, and Sorry is testament to their chemistry.

Sure, the track hasn’t grabbed me in the same way the WDYM did, bu I have a feeling that’s more to do with the fact that I’m no longer in my holy-shit-I-actually-like-Justin-Bieber honeymoon phase (I’ve been following our step-by-step guide to self-acceptance as a Belieber). Nevertheless, it’s catchy and comfortable, with gorgeous harmonies, a full array of colourful synth layers, and an emotive, captivating beat. it’s safe to say that this is going to dominating your radio waves for the next few months.


Lyrically, the track is poised as Bieber apologising to an ex, admitting he’s made a couple hundred mistakes, and he wants to redeem himself. “I just need one more shot, a second chance,” he sings – and we can’t help but wonder whether he’s apologising to a girl, or to the entire world? Perhaps he’s asking us for forgiveness, asking that we welcome the new Bieber, accept him for who he is, and let go of past mistakes.

The single comes along with a video clip of women dancing, dressed in brightly coloured ’80s clothes. Nothing overly special, to be honest, particularly considering the onslaught of dance-move memes spawned by Drake’s ridiculous and wonderful clip for Hotline Bling. 

Purpose comes out November 13