Yung Lean

Yung Lean brings his melancholy rap our way

Unplug your earphones and turn off your wifi – internet sensation Yung Lean is headed our way. For the first time ever, Australia will be able to experience the rapping internet enigma of Yung Lean in person as he heads around Australia and New Zealand.

For those not aware of Yung Lean’s almost unique accomplishments, settle in. A product of time, Yung Lean was born of, and moulded by the internet. Using Soundcloud as his microphone, he projected his melancholy rap onto the masses. Although the internet is flooded by a never ending stream of aspiring musicians, Yung Lean kept ahead of the game. When he was young, he feasted on 50 Cent and began to immerse himself in American hip-hop from across the globe in Sweden – as only the internet can do. Forming a trio known as the Sad Boys due to their rather depressing lyrics, his music quickly went viral on YouTube. Beginning with Unknown Death 2002, subsequent work is encroaching on the 10 million views mark on YouYTube, quite a mean feat for a man who scrapped his way out of the depths of the internet and emerged an unexperienced, yet immensely talented rapper.

I know what you’re thinking. White rapper. Black culture. Here we go again. But Yung Lean steers away best he can from cultural appropriation, branding himself with an ironic edge that allows him to address his Scandinavian priviledge head on. Bravo, I say.

He’s signed up for the festival season here in Australia, but will be making a few stopovers along the way, if you haven’t signed up for Beyond the Valley or Origin New Years Eve in Perth (which you definitely should).


30th December – Phillip Island – Beyond the Valley Festival

31st December – Perth – Origin New Years Eve

Headline Tour:

2nd January – Sydney – Max Watt’s with special guests Fishing

3rd January – Brisbane – The Flying Cock with special guests TBA

5th January – Melbourne – Prince Bandroom with special guests Fishing

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