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The Weeknd Posts 18 Minute Album Preview

As a reminder that it is only seven days until the drop of his album Beauty Behind The Madness, Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd has released an 18 minute preview via Soundcloud.

If you have listened to the radio even once recently you, have probably been blasted by the disco-centric club banger Can’t Feel My Face. The leak entitled Beauty Behind The Madness “The Leak” (likely a response to the album leaking illegally elsewhere) promises more of the same, sweet soul sedation with clips of songs fading in and out in a mash of R&B grooves. There is a taste of every track on the album, and it’s enough to assume that this is going to be the sultry bedroom soundtrack of the summer, considering the NSFW lyrics and auto-tuned pillow talk that would even leave Miguel a little hot under the collar.

Other previously released tracks on the album include Often and The Hills, but there is still plenty we haven’t heard with duets featuring Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran. Not to mention the Kanye West co-lab Tell All Your Friends.

Check out the full eighteen minutes below and mark your calendar for the official release on August 28.