Miguel is Going To Hell in New Video

Miguel is surely the most sultry soul singer we have seen since D’Angelo. Remember this clip? Well Miguel makes it look like Play School.

The singer first released three videos to the songs …goingtohell, Coffee and NWA as a 12 minute short film when his stunning release Wildheart came out in June. Now, the artist is releasing the stand-alone clips – you know, in case the whole 12 minutes is just too hot to handle for some. We took a look at NWA last week, and today get a little hot under the collar with …goingtohell.

The video tracks a wild and explosive relationship between Mr. Wildheart and a blue haired vixen. Watch as they thrust themselves into the sumptuous throes of sweaty passion – entwined on a bed in one moment, with a gun pushed to each others’ chin at the next. It has a Fifty Shades, bondage-ish feeling at times, a raunchier side to the adoring and romantic Kaleidoscope Dreamer who we came to know on his previous record.

Miguel has no doubt found a darker side with Wildheart, and will be taking to the stage to dominate at Soulfest in October, alongside Black Star, Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige and so much more. Do NOT miss it.