Ghostface Killah releases ‘Get The Money’ feat. Vince Staples

Having announced the second instalment of Twelve Reasons To Die over a month ago, today Ghostface Killah released a new track from the project featuring West Coast rapper Vince Staples and producer Adrian Younge.

Big drums, organs and bass-guitar have been getting used a fair amount on Ghostface’s Twelve Reasons To Die tracks, and the whole beat is based around them on Get The Money. Ghostface comes in and gives us exactly what we expect, some hard storytelling and masterful lyricism, and the song almost feels like it’s split into two, with Staples coming in halfway through with a whole other flow that fits so perfectly. It changes the tempo up, but it still definitely feels like a Wu-Tang track. The rappers work really well together, and you’ll have to peep the track below to experience it fully.

Twelve Reasons To Die II is due out July 10, alongside a vinyl package by Linear Labs including all the instrumentals from both the first and second instalments in the series. Hopefully there’s some more collabs like this – phwoah.