Ghostface Killah announces ‘Twelve Reasons To Die II’ releases new music

Ghostface Killah is a very busy man. Having just put his album 36 Seasons in 2014, and collaborative album Sour Soul with BadBadNotGood earlier this year (read our review of that bad boy here), he’s on track to release his fourth album in three years. In 2013, Ghostface released Twelve Reasons To Die alongside LA sound engineer Adrian Younge, a comic-based album, where a fictionalised version of Ghostface moved through a Spaghetti-Western styled story about love, revenge and death. The two have announced that they’ll be reuniting to create the sequel to that album, Twelve Reasons To Die II, as well as releasing the first track from it.

That concept album was based on a comic book of the same name and featured Wu-Tang guru RZA as narrator. RZA is set to return, and others to feature include Raekwon, Bilal and Vince Staples.

As Ghostface’s alter-ego Tony Starks seeks revenge on the DeLuca family – he’s transported to 1970s New York on Return Of The Savage – which fellow Wu-Tang members Raekwon and RZA play their own part in. Raekwon is opposing gang leader, Lester Kane, who is also moving in on DeLuca – one would assume that Raekwon and Ghostface’s characters would be working together in this story, which should make for some very interesting collabs. The track itself has all the best parts of the last album. Really excellent live sounding instrumentation which suits the theme of the story perfectly, and absolutely sick vocals.

“The war escalates, and one fateful night, Lester and his men rob one of the DeLuca social clubs, discovering 12 vinyl records hidden within a safe.”

The exact release date of Twelve Reasons To Die II hasn’t been said yet, but Linear Labs is releasing a vinyl package containing the instrumentals from both I & II on July 10th, so preorder that here if you can’t stand the wait.