Check out the new single from Hot Chip: ‘Started Right’

Hot Chip, British electro-extraordinaires, have done it again, releasing their latest idiosyncratically weird brand of music with a single called Started Right.

Lifted from their newly released album Why Make Sense?, the single is a slow, drawn back amalgamation of off-key vocals and sounds, sounding like something akin to a drunken medley of Mario video music. But the chorus does something unusual: it melds into a seventies-esque funk-jam, sound similar to the trumpet chorus in Kanye’s Touch The Sky.

But the song never strays into territory that’s too serious, always maintaining that light-hearted, slightly warbled distorted cadence from the beginning.

To catch more Hot Chip, keep your ears tuned to Double J: They’ll be featuring in their FILES series on June 25.

Why make sense? Why indeed. Our interview with Hot Chip poses that very question. Perhaps hearing Started Right below will help clear up some of that confusion.

Check it out below: