Weekly Playlist: The Best New Music

Tidal have mastered the playlist, and Spotify are honing in on the playlist action too. But there’s only one playlist you need to kick off your weekend: That’s right, here it is, the Howl & Echoes weekly playlist of the best new songs this week.

  • Tom Lee-Richards, The Wearing Kind
    Kicking off this week’s playlist with something extra lovely. Opening on a gorgeous guitar riff and stunning vocals, this is a really beautiful track from the upcoming artist. The track flourishes as it chugs along, with a subdued tropical beat and a great rhythm. Warm and inviting from start to end, you can really just melt into the track’s atmosphere.
  • The Parrots, To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here
    Man, this track is cool. A stoned, sluggish bass sets the pace, before hazy guitars and occasional vocals really give off a dreamy vibe, evoking the absolute best kind of nostalgia. The Madrid trio will be releasing their new EP on June 22, and this is second track, following on from the wicked I’m Not Alone
  • The Bacchanales, Sandcastles
    Brisbane’s The Bacchanales are back with a brand new track, and it’s as catchy as it is cool. The progressive track opens with a kind of understated darkness, before opening up with a glistening, gorgeous chorus which infuses soft yet soaring vocals with the guitar layers. This cut is actually part of a full nine-minute version which you’ll be able to hear on their forthcoming EP.
  • B Wise, Prince Akeem (prod. Raph Lauren)
    Upcoming African-Australian hip hop artist B Wise has just dropped Prince Akeem, produced by Raph Lauren of Jackie Onassis. He’s got a liquid flow, and plays around really well with dynamics and dramatic delivery, this is a really fun track. The track is named after Eddie Murphy’s character in the comedy classic, ‘Coming to America,’ which is a big tick in my book!
  • ALTA, Moves
    Experimental electronic duo ALTA have just dropped Moves, and it’s such a trip. The sound effects used throughout are wacky and wonderful – the natural sounds, elephant roars, jumpy vocal echoes and more create a kind of escapist jungly vibe, topped off by the sexy, slivery vocals. It’s the first track off their forthcoming EP, set for release in the next few weeks.
  • AZEKEL, Mad About The Boy
    There’s something really interesting, and strange yet inviting about the extreme choppiness of the beats and rhythms scattered throughout this track. Every staccatoed beat and bass feels hasty and short of breath, completely contrasted against the velvety smooth R&B melody. Keep an eye out for the London artist’s EP, Raw, Vol 1, set to drop on July 12.
  • Lanks, Settle Down
    Lanks has always had a knack for delivering beautiful, sultry electronic tunes, and Settle Down follows in that vein. Angelic falsetto leads the way, giving way to a breathtaking trip-hop melody, evoking a stunning Massive Attack vibe. Incredibly sensual and so intimate, the Melbourne artist has really outdone himself this time. The track will be featured on his new EP Banquet, out July 3.
  • Espa, Orbit
    I fell completely in love with Espa’s last couple single, and Orbit is no different. The sensual atmosphere slides under the radar, with a thumping beat and smooth, seductive vocals. The vocals playfully dance with harmonies throughout, and little flickers of whirling synth sound effects embellish the track so perfectly; all in all, this is utterly cool.
  • Damien Ike, Even in War
    Damien Ike is a new London artist, and if Even In War is anything to go by, we’re going to be hearing a lot more from this wonderful producer. Drawn out beats, muffled synths and a shuffling beat create a lush soundscape, but it’s the vocals that really steal the spotlight. Rich and deep, there’s so much power in the melody. The kind of track you’re gonna listen to a few times in a row.

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