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Spotify announce some sick new features

Spotify has re-launched their site with some sweet new changes and add-ons. Most importantly they will be adding video content from partners such as Comedy Central and Vice news, as well as making plans for news and podcasting.

Spotify’s diversification comes in reaction to the introduction of competitive music streaming sites such as Jay-Z’s Tidal (which we used and reviewed ourselves here, and noted how much we particularly loved the playlists and video content). Apple is also expected to join the market after acquiring Beats Music, and radio presenter Zane Lowe.

Spotify have gone to great efforts not only to incorporate the best features that Tidal has to offer, but also to ensure that users do not alternate between theirs and other websites. Spotify’s chief revenue officer, Jeff Levick told CNBC that while people’s session times were increasing, they were alternating more and more between different pages. This focus on keeping the user present has been adopted by other companies such as Facebook, which is rumored to be planning to offer websites 100% revenue on their advertising if they keep all of their content on Facebook (rather than providing a link on things like videos to their own websites).

Some of the best new features for Spotify include:

  • The “Now” feature, which will work with iPhones and Androids to create personalised playlists that change depending on the time of day
  • A running feature that matches the customised music of users with their walking or running pace, in collaboration with Nike
  • Further attempts at making personalised accounts – no two sessions will ever look the same.
  • Video content

While a lot of this sounds awesome, there are doubts that they will benefit Spotify in terms of turning a profit. Chicago-based digital marketing consultant David Deal said that while sharing more content is a good move, they won’t actually earn money from it. Moreover the significant licensing fees that they already pay for sharing music will only increase with the introduction of video content.

Oh well. Personally I’m just excited to be able to dictate what I listen to by walking faster!