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Tame Impala release video for ‘Cause I’m A Man

The video for Tame Impala‘s single ‘Cause I’m A Man has been released, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s another heady Kevin Parker adventure through a transitional world, set to his introspectively pained lyrics. Highly colourful and explorative of motivation’s dissonance with the rigidity of conscience, the video matches beautifully with the song. take a trip through the mind of Parker and co, as we travel through a dizzying world of debauchery and hazy moral compasses. Lyrically, the tongue-in-cheek track shows Parker questioning the nature of mistakes and dispositions. The seriously smooth rhythm really lets you float away, and the video couldn’t complement it better.

We’ve been waiting a long, long time for new Tame Impala, and we couldn’t behaviour that it’s here. First single Let It Happen signified an interesting shift in sound, and everything else we’ve heard about the new album (including third single Eventually), has only made us more excited and less patient.

From what we know so far, the album has incorporated more electronic elements than anything we heard on their first two offerings. In a recent interview with NME, Parker remarked, “Listening to [our music] was very much a kind of headphone, solitary experience. Which is cool, but I’ve moved on from that… I wanted to make something that from the sound of it could be down at the club.

I just realised that I’d never heard Tame Impala played somewhere with a dancefloor or where people were dancing.”

Currents will be out on July 17. Marking their first Aussie gig in a long time, Tame Impala will be gracing the stage at Splendour in the Grass at the end of July, meaning that we’ll be among the first in the world to hear the new stuff live.

Anyway that’s enough from us, have a looksey, it’s everything we’ve come to expect from one of the most thoughtful minds in music: