New Music: Tame Impala ”Cause I’m A Man’

My favourite band in the entire world, Tame Impala, have returned once again with a ripper of a tune in the form of their second single, ‘Cause I’m A Man (listen to their first single here). The track also came with the announcement that there is indeed a third album on it’s way, titled Currents.

*loses mind from excitement*

The track is a narrative built around Kevin Parker messing up, and he’s got no excuse but the fact that sometimes that’s just what happens – because he’s a man. Whether that could be seen as a cop-out, or a glimpse into some serious self-loathing going on, Kevin’s made a mistake and he’s pretty torn up about it.

One of the smoothest tracks he’s written, this strays from the stomping psych he does so well and heads into a more R&B area – synonymous with the much more emotional, intimate picture he’s painting with his words. Packed with a fragile vulnerability, lyrics such as “I’ll never be as strong as you” show Parker not just regretting what he’s done, but hints at affection still towards the other person. His gorgeous falsetto soars as much as it can when its weighed down with whatever he’s done, complimented by his trademark intricacy in the production; hidden finger clicks or moans that take the track just that little bit further.

‘Cause I’m A Man is a tremendous second single, and has not quite sated my thirst for new Tame but rather turned me into a twitching mess waiting for the release of Currents. One thing we can be sure of is, we are all certainly in for one hell of an aural treat. Missed ya, Kev.