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Ghostface Killah on Action Bronson comparison

Ghostface Killah has declared his own confusion upon listening to Action Bronson for the first time. The comparison between the two has existed since Bronson dropped his debut album, Dr. Lecter in 2011. The Wu-Tang Clan heavyweight said in a video interview with Vlad-Tv recently, ‘I thought he was me one day… I said when the fuck I did that verse?‘ Ghostface goes on to say that Bronson had apologised to him for the similarity, calling him ‘a good dude, humble.’

It is easy to see the similarities in the pair’s frantic flow and tone of voice. Bronson himself has frequently had to deal with the comparison between the two, something Jonah Hill was loathe to mention in his recent interview with the rapper from Queens. Bronson has claimed in the past that he is happy to be mentioned in the same breath as ‘one of the best rappers alive‘ and is largely influenced by the Wu-Tang Clan.

It’s no surprise that Ghostface Killah is alright with the comparison. Action Bronson’s recent album Mr Wonderful (which we reviewed here) is easily one of the best, not to mention most unique hip hop albums of the year so far. Haven’t heard it yet? Buy it here, or stream it hereMr Wonderful showcases serious diversity and era-spanning influences and samples including blues, funk and jazz. Similarly, Ghostface Killah’s most recent offering – his collaborative album with insanely talented jazz trio Badbadnotgood is a celebration of that blend between rap and jazz.

Watch the whole Ghostface Killah interview here:

And for good measure, here is a track the pair collaborated on for Wu-Tang’s compilation album, Legendary Weapons.

We think it’s pretty easy to tell them apart, although you can see why the parallel has been made so often, especially considering how much of an influence he’s had on Bronson.