Jack White to Coachella: “Tell everyone you know…Music is sacred”

Last week Jack White announced he would be playing a few acoustic shows in states he’s never played in across the US, before going on a lengthy hiatus. Whilst this was completely devastating to Australian fans, who will now miss out on the Lazaretto so-called “World Tour”, we must accept that one of music’s living legends must really need a break from his relentless tour schedule.

His final electric performance before his break was the second weekend of Coachella. If you caught him the weekend before, like I did, you may not have been looking out for news to come from his set – other than the case of it being totally amazing as always – but it seems White wasn’t planning on leaving the scene quietly at all.

Apparently packing a few more punches than usual, White really gave it more than his all to the lucky few thousand in attendance for his headlining set, but it was the performance of the anthemic Seven Nation Army that really had him going. The track turned into a nine minute jam, with White rallying the audience in a semi-call to arms.

“I want you to do me a favour,” he said over the deafening chanting of the iconic riff. “Do everything you can, tell everyone you know, and the children that you have one day, that music is sacred,” before the chant changed to “Music is sacred!”

“This is your world right now. Digital, analogue… However you consume music, let it move your balls and move your brain. I want everyone in this audience to spread the word: Treat musicians with as much respect as you treat actors, directors, and film studios. Treat your local punk bands as well as your treat the new blockbuster movie.”

He then threw a drum cymbal across the stage. You can watch the whole performance below, which gave me goosebumps from about 2 seconds in.

We love you Jack, never change.