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Killer Mike will give race relations talk at MIT

One half of rap duo Run The Jewels Michael Render, a.k.a Killer Mike, will give a speech this Friday about race relations at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a part of the Hip Hop Speaker Series.

Some of the topics covered will be Ferguson, the SAE incident in Oklahoma, as well as white privilege and black empowerment. Interestingly enough, the talk hopes to cover how current and future technologies could impact race relation issues. His lecture at MIT will be the second in the series, succeeding Young Guru’s lecture on design and technology last March. 

Run The Jewels’ most recent music video for Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck) was also focused on the futility of police brutality. Killer Mike has been a loud voice standing in the face of police brutality, race relations and other volatile social issues. Last year, he made headlines after delivering a sombre speech about Ferguson before a Run The Jewels concert. He has also delivered a speech at NYU, and has taken to many forms of print and online media, social media and more to share his thoughtful, sobering opinions – check out USA Today, a Billboard Op-Ed and Instagram.