Jungle Jams: Introducing VIGILANTES

We are very excited that our first Jungle Jams event is on THIS FRIDAY! In collaboration with Jungle Studios, our monthly event will showcase exciting upcoming Sydney bands. For more info on the event and to win free tickets, click here.

Every month we’ll be introducing you to some of the best new bands around. The very first band we’d like to show you is Sydney two-piece Vigilantes. We wanted to get to know them a little better, so we asked one half of the duo, Anj, a few questions:

  • Thanks for doing this Q&A! What are you up to today?
    Sweating like a mofo buying the whole Adidas store, waiting for Dave to fly back in from Melbourne.
  • What are the three most important things we should know about you?
    Cute puppies and little kids in bumble bee swim costumes at the beach make Angela cry. David is the musical reincarnation of Macgyver. We have voices that blend like milo and vanilla ice cream.
  • When did you first start playing music? How did it all begin?
    David started playing the drums by sitting on his dad’s knee while he played and David would get to hold the sticks. Angela started as a little girl watching her filipino aunties singing karaoke and wanted be that glamorous on the karaoke mic.
  • How did your current project get started?
    Dave came over to my house and he was cold. So I, being the chivalrous guy that I am, lent him my jumper and we’ve been friends ever since. Bit of Cinderella story really.
  • Tell us about the first gig you ever played…
    It was opening for Andy Bull at the Metro. We wore tracksuits and the crowd sung along to our cover of Jolene and I had a little rainy face.
  • What are some of your biggest musical influences?
    Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child. Cocteau Twins.
  • If you could collaborate on a song with anyone, who would you choose and why?
    Our dads because they’re legends.
  • What can we look forward to from your set at Jungle Jams?
    A bit “what the hell was that. What just happened? I don’t know. But I like it” type vibe.
  • What have you got planned for the rest of 2015?
    Releasing some hot hits.

Jungle Jams takes place on the last Friday of every month at the Captain Cook Hotel!

Jungle Jams 1: 30/01/2015