Tom DeLonge Awarded “UFO Researcher of the Year”

If you’re a fan of seminal pop-punkers Blink-182, you’ll more than likely be aware of the near obsession former founding member Tom DeLonge has for all things extraterrestrial. From songs like Aliens Exist and his work on his own side project Angels And Airwaves touching on life outside of Earth to his own video blogs and books delving headfirst into the subject, you can tell DeLonge has done a whole lot of research on alien life and UFO’s.

The dude even left Blink so he could continue his UFO research and some more liberal-thinking conspiracy theorists have even postulated that the singer might have been abducted at one point.

But while it might be hard for most people to take seriously someone who once sang things like “Forgive our neighbour Bob, I think he humped the dog” on such an important and universe-altering subject as aliens, one company, Open Minds Productions, has named DeLonge its ‘UFO Researcher of the Year’ for 2016 just passed. You can watch a video of the organisation listing his accomplishments as well as an uh… interesting and somewhat ominous… acceptance speech from DeLonge himself below:

No idea what Tom is talking about with his ‘announcement’, could it have something to do with those mysterious WikiLeaks emails that found their way to the public last year? The ones between DeLonge and a government official talking about Roswell and meeting with other military officials and ‘important people’? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Blink-182 are still terrible.

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Image: Alternative Nation