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Three Albums That Changed My Life: Planéte

Planéte is undoubtedly one of the most interesting electronic producers to emerge in a very long time. Having supported him for nearly two years now, it’s so exciting to be seeing his name popping up at all manner of gigs, festivals and support slots. Real name Dion Tartaglione, last year he performed at festivals including Paradise, Strawberry Fields and Secret Garden, as well as having supported Pantha Du Prince, Com Truise and Romare among others. His music manages to find a balance between expressive, almost ambient soundscapes and house-y beat-laden pieces, drawing on the finest aspects of each, and bringing them together to create something really special. His latest single Nightcrawler is the perfect example, so we’ll let the music do the talking:

We wanted to get to know Planéte and his musical journey a little better, so we asked him to share three albums that changed his life.

Pantha Du Prince – Black Noise

After I saw Pantha Du Prince play at Meredith a few years back, his show left me curious for more. At about this time his most recent release was the Black Noise album and this definitely based itself for a firm inspiration in my production and taste in electronic music (this was around the time I started tinkering with production). I’ve always been able to throw this album on. So many different moods and the percussion is always so interesting listening back.

Four Tet – There Is Love In You

Very typical to include an album by Four Tet but similar to the Pantha Du Prince record, I had not a huge exposure to electronic music a few years back. I think with this album it was the first time I forced myself to listen to long forming tracks. When I had the patience, it made so much sense. This album is testament to that. I thought Love Cry was rubbish when I first heard it, but it changed my outlook.

Why? – Alopecia

I’m not sure, but this record just flicked a switch. Maybe because the lyrics mean everything and nothing at the same time. I think there wasn’t anything that directly influenced by musical outlook or production but I think that these moods and themes have stuck with me. I think the topics and lyrics of Yoni Wolf were thought provoking for me. It probably made me think, “I can’t write lyrics like this, why bother?”… Maybe that has influence me to make instrumental electronic music.

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