Kanye Brings Out Kid Cudi, Rants About Jay Z, Ends Concert After 40 Mins

Kanye West has ended a show in Sacramento, California very early on Saturday November 19. The Life of Pablo artist apparently arrived on stage more than an hour late, played just a handful of songs, embarked on a 15 minute rant, and abruptly ended the concert.

According to the folks over at Twitter, the show started well, albeit late. West and Kid Cudi have had a mighty on-again off-again beef recently, but he brought out the former protege on stage for Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1, bringing what is hopefully a permanent end to the drama. Alongside further digs to and from Drake, the bitter beef included tweets, live insults on stage, and even disses in songs, with one particularly unceremonious dig at Cudi’s mental health coming from Drake late last month.

Check out some footage of Cudi on stage with ‘Ye:

West has also been using his stage time for extensive rants, most recently delivering a controversial political sermon, in which he stated that he didn’t vote, but if he had, he would have voted for president elect Donald Trump. According to XXL, tonight’s Sacramento show included another rant, this time about his contemporaries. He reportedly begged Jay Z to contact him, saying, “I know you got killers, don’t send ’em at my head. Just call me.”

He also went on to diss radio stations for playing “the same bullshit over and over,” citing the overplaying of Drake and the apparent lack of attention Frank Ocean is receiving. “We love Drake, Drake is great, he’s a great artist… but Frank Ocean is great too!” Kanye’s love for Frank has not gone unnoticed; during another recent concert rant, he stated that he would boycott the Grammys if Blonde and Endless aren’t nominated (even though they weren’t eligible because Frank specifically chose to not take part.)

Much to the dismay of thousands of fans in the audience, West’s rant turned out to be the end of the show. After being on stage for just 30 or 40 minutes he announced that it was over.

We hope everything’s okay, Kanye. Maybe it’s time to take a little break and let yourself unwind.

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Image: Rolling Stone