Watch Courtney Barnett Cover “Drunk On Election Night”

On what will surely be remembered as an historic and potentially devastating day for millions in the USA, a lucky few American music fans were able to drown out the election discourse at a Courtney Barnett concert in Denver’s Ogden Theatre.

According to Denver Post blog The Know, the singer-songwriter told the crowd mid-set that she didn’t want to talk about “You-know-what… Let’s just enjoy this moment.”

According to the review, Courtney was in fine form that evening, playing all of her main hits off last year’s sensational and aptly titled debut Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit, providing a happy distraction from the events of the evening before finishing her main set with a solo rendition of Dan Kelly classic Drunk On Election Night.

Armed with just an acoustic guitar Barnett made a small political statement of her own, igniting boo’s throughout the audience with the lamenting lyric that “we gone and made a swing to the right” before delighting the sold-out crowd with the lyrics of the chorus “I’m gonna sail on the next high tide just to get away from that cock-sucking, motherfucker who’s playing on my mind,” a lyric that inspired a huge sing-a-long at the conclusion of the tune.

It was a much-needed satirical addition to the night, with the presumably millennial crowd in quite a glum state, according to The Know. One fan commented, “‘I feel conflicted given how the results are going… I’ll probably be distracted through the show.”

Another bought tickets to the show specifically to be a distraction from the election. “I just want to get away…elections shouldn’t be scary. They should be a celebration.”

Image: Forte