Martin Shkreli Leaks Wu-Tang Album After Trump Win

Martin Shkreli and Donald Trump are two of the most despicable Americans on the planet. Shkreli, who you may remember from such headlines as, “Pharmaceutical Monster Raises Cost of AIDS Medication by 5000%,” “Pharma Bro Buys Wu-Tang Clan Album for $2 million” and “Ghostface Killah Threatens Pharma-Psycho, “I’ll Break You Heart in Four Days”” has now lived up to his promise and released the Wu-Tang Clan album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin.

At the end of last month Shkreli tweeted that he would release never-before-heard music from The Beatles, Nirvana and Wu-Tang Clan if Trump wins the election:

Unfortunately, this happened yesterday.

So Shkreli once again took to Twitter elaborating on his collection to include Jimi Hendrix, Tupac, Radiohead, Brand new, The Smiths, Elliot Smith and The Ramones. Which is pretty ridiculous if true, by the way. He asked his followers what they wanted to hear first:

It seems as though he began attempting to leak music on apps including Periscope, Youtube and Twitch but was quickly blocked by these services:

But eventually he did leak parts of at least two songs, some of which was captured below. In the video he talks about how he’s signed a contract which stipulates he cannot share the music, although he feels that the group do want it to be heard publicy. “There’s about 30, 35 tracks,” he says. “I actually have a contract with the Wu-Tang Clan where I’m not allowed to do this. Obviously I own the music and I bought it and I paid a lot of money for it. In many ways, the contract shouldn’t matter that much. But I am a man of my word, I had to play a little bit of it. I also have to keep my word to them, too. I think they want the music to come out.”

Shkreli spends a great deal of time accosting commenters on the app he originally streamed it on, but you can skip ahead to 4:58 to hear one verse of the second track.

There’s no official word from Wu-Tang yet and it doesn’t seem like Shkreli has released any more music for now. Frankly, it kind of makes sense that the Clan will want the album out, in direct contrast to the whole one-of-a-kind thing and the contract deeming it to be kept private for 88 years. RZA did once state that Shaolin can be released for free by the owner, so we’ll see.

Word to the wise, don’t go looking through his offensive, aggressive pro-Trump tweets unless you’re realllllly in the mood to get angry at something.

Image: Reuters