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Weekly Video Roundup: Kimbra, Devendra Banhart, Jack Grace & More

Kimbra – Sweet Relief 

Grammy winner Kimbra is back with her first new song since 2014 and we’ve already got the visuals to go along with it. Sweet Relief is  smooth groove of an electro-pop explosion filled with texture, colour and some very Prince and Janet Jackson vibes. It makes total sense then that the video plays into this, with brightly coloured waves of silk and shaggy hair set against vibrant backdrops that move so realistically you’d almost believe you could reach through your screen to touch them.

Dan Sultan – Magnetic

The new video from Dan Sultan is a thing of art. Digital printing art to be precise. It took 60 individual 3D prints and 2,700 images to put together the singing bust in the likeness of the country’s Number One Crooner as patterns and coloured lights are projected onto the statue as he sings and evolves through different states, changing texture and finish throughout. The video progresses in stop motion with the bust eventually being covered in moss, meaning that the entire thing took a casual two months to complete.

Devendra Banhart – Saturday Night

Having dropped his ninth full length album, Ape In Pink Marble last month, Devendra Banhart has been pretty busy of late. Now, he’s shared the video for Saturday Night – a soft and surreal clip which sees the singer/songwriter/guitarist singing in a dimly lit bar, cradling a wide-eyed baby and accompanied by an Afghan hound. Pretty close to a three minute David Lynch movie, it’s weird and wonderfully colourful.

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Jack Grace – All Lost

Sydney songwriter and producer Jack Grace’s track All Lost has been doing the rounds a whole lot lately and now there’s a video to match the piano ballad. Just as the song itself sits somewhere between deliberately spaced and uptempo, the video has all the action of a fencing tournament but is slowed down with opposing angles and close ups. There’s a certain ghostly feeling that resonates throughout the track and the clip alike, making it all the more captivating viewing.

Lime Cordiale – Waking Up Easy

The new video from Sydney’s Lime Cordiale is a soft, sunny clip that starts with a hangover and develops into something bigger. The song an acoustic meander about waking up to something unexpectedly familiar, the video follows the beginnings of a romance between two friends. With the polarising same-sex marriage plebiscite currently polarising the country, it is the band’s gentle comment on the importance of equality and acceptance.

Midas.Gold – Work it Out

Fresh from his Listen Out debut, Brisbane rapper Midas.Gold has now released the video for his third single, the brazen Work It Out. Yet another head churning, auto-tune laced banger, the video clip hilariously flips this into an 80s themed dance audition and performance. No doubt Midas is one to watch in these next few months.


Laurel – Hurricane

Writing, performing, recording, producing and mixing her EP completely in her East London apartment, the enchanting and inspiring Laurel has now added this personal reflection in the video for her single Hurricane. Recorded by her friend as they “messed around in the places we both liked to hang out”, the result is a charming guide through the city she calls home. Not to mention the soundtrack of which is a beautifully haunting and melancholic track where Laurel’s voice soars smoothly over the echoing instrumentation below.

Written by Ruby-Rose Pivet-Marsh and Martin McConnell

Image: Supplied