Nick Cave’s “One More Time With Feeling” Returns to Cinemas

Last month, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released a stunning, devastating new album, Skeleton Tree. The release was briefly preceded by One More Time With Feeling, a documentary detailing the album’s creation. The documentary aired for one night only, but is now returning to select cinemas around the world in December.

The feature-length documentary marries live footage of Cave recording and performing songs from his new album, and interview footage with himself, band members including Warren Ellis, and his wife, Susie Bick.

Shot in black and white and 3D, One More Time With Feeling was directed by Andrew Dominik, and was aired to audiences totalling more than 125,000 people, across 950 cinemas and 30 countries, in a single day. It was originally intended to be a filmed performance, but evolved into something a lot bigger and more powerful as it happened.

The album is Cave’s first release since the death of his son Arthur. The film was in part created to delve into his processes and emotional journey, without having to liaise with press, answer interview questions, etc. The end result is incredibly heartbreaking, a sorrowful, beautiful, intensely intimate presentation of one man’s grieving process, and how it’s affected both his life and his creative processes.

Tickets are on sale now for screenings across the globe – session times, tickets and more can be found right here.

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Image: Somerset House