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Travis Scott Teases Video for “Beibs In The Trap”

Travis Scott’s latest album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight was pretty decent. While it wasn’t the best rap album to surface this year, it was nonetheless solid enough. The bars were pretty good, and my only real criticism was with the lack of diversity in the sounds production-wise.

One of the tracks that wasn’t that great, however, was Beibs In The Trap. It was just kind of… eh. Nav’s voice was fairly average, and Scott’s opening to his verse is just abysmal. So it’s with no great excitement that I write this piece about an upcoming video for the track. Scott posted a picture of a pretty sweet car on his Instagram, stating “BEIBS IN THE TRAP SOON.”

Of course, Travis Scott has shown to have a pretty loose grasp on the meaning of “soon,” so I wouldn’t hold your breath. Still, music videos are usually fun, and might even make the song sound a little better. Scott’s Lambo seems to be dressed up as a 1940’s car, so here’s hoping that the video breaks away from the generic aesthetic, unlike the song it portrays. But hey, at least it isn’t a video for First Take, because that song actually sucks.


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