Reasonable Doubt celebrates 20 Years by Re-Creating Jay Z’s 90s Apartment


On June 25, Jay-Z released debut album Reasonable Doubt and launched the career of a man who has now become, without question, one of the single greatest hip-hop musicians to have ever lived. To celebrate the anniversary and the album’s enduring legacy amongst hip hop culture, Roc-A-Fella co-founder Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke recently spoke to Billboard to reveal plans for a pop-up shop recreating the look of the Brooklyn apartment in which Jay-Z lived during the 1990s.

In partnership with Los Angeles’ APT.4B, Burke revealed to Billboard that the pop-up shop will sell Reasonable Doubt t-shirts, cassette tapes, hats and more, while curating a unique experience for fans of the enormously talented and popular Brooklyn rapper. Billed also as a showcase opportunity for Burke’s 4th of November clothing line, the Jay-Z curated event will feature exclusive images from Jay-Z’s life before Reasonable Doubt being released, largely unseen by fans until now.

In addition, Reasonable Doubt themed emojis have been created for the event, which attendees will have an opportunity to take photographs with. The pop-up opens on June 25, the official 20th anniversary of the album, and will run through until the end of July.

Images via Billboard and Jay-Z

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