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LISTEN: Shag Planet Drop New Single “Too Many Babes, Too Little Time”

Taking you between outer space and Planet Earth, Shag Planet are a cosmic-pop duo from Melbourne-town and they’ve just dropped a new single via Melbourne’s LISTEN Records. It’s the first single from the duo, which is made up of two lovely babes called Em and Jess. They started Shag Planet in all its synth-y, dreamy goodness, after sharing a “moment and a ciggie” on a Thursday night.

They’re set to bring out and EP later this year, but for now, they’ve gifted us with a wonderfully other worldly track with sparkly synths, slinky guitars and whirling harmonies. Titled Too Many Babes, Too Little Time tells a totally surreal and yet somehow still strangely relatable story of a young girl’s sexual awakening. As the song progress, we meet a character who, rather inconveniently, develops a crush on everyone in the world. Her condition becomes physically unbearable and take, as the lyrics say “a tragic turn” as the characters tries to defy love and loss.

To celebrate the landing of Too Many Babes, So Little Time, the intergalactic duo are touching down here on Earth and throwing a launch party, appropriately titled Shag-A-Thon, with fellow musical babes Callan, Waterfall Person, Shrimpwitch and Pillow Pro. Appropriately titled Shag-A-Thon.


Sat Jun 25: The Old Bar, Melbourne

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