Rise Wants You to Rap for Your Yeezys

Kanye West‘s footwear collaboration with Adidas Originals has produced some highly coveted sneakers that adorn the feet of celebrities and normal people everywhere. The newest addition – the Yeezy Boost 750s, will be available around the world from the 11th of June and the hype for the release is so ridiculous, you actually have to reserve a pair on the Adidas app because they’re expected to sell out within minutes.

For those who can’t afford the $350USD (around $470AUD) price tag, Rise, a shoe store in Long Island, New York has launched a unique online competition. Instead of the usual like and hashtag, they’ve decided that punters are gonna have to work a little harder to get their hands on a the new Yeezys. The competition is open to anyone around the world, all you have to do is jump on Twitter, write a post with your shoe size, the hashtag #RISEforYEEZY and a video yourself spitting a 30 second acapella freestyle rap.

The entries have been pouring in and some of them are pretty amazing. This Kanye mega-fan, the aptly named @SlootSmacker uses a light up shoe as a phone and “raps” about having Kanye’s albums tattooed on his arms cause he “dat crazy ye fan”.

And I don’t know how old this kid is but he’s actually pretty good.

Although I am not personally a fan of Kanye’s sneakers, I can’t deny he has some truly committed and loving fans.

Image: Rise

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