Game of Thrones’ Young Hodor Actor Pens “Hold The Door” Ballad

*Spoilers May Follow*

Were you holding your breath? Be honest. Only days removed from the fifth episode of HBO’s tremendously popular Game of Thrones, the actor who played a Young Hodor in the flashback scenes has penned a touching tribute and ode to the character he played. 19 year old Sam Coleman, who played the younger incarnation of the show’s popular character Hodor (named, for Coleman’s role, as stableboy Wylis), has let loose the beautiful ballad Hold the Door in tribute to the character’s tragic experience related to the same.

Long a fan-favourite amongst the series, the fate of Hodor, the beloved caretaker of character Bran Stark, stunned and shocked the show’s fans worldwide, as the tragic origins of the character’s name and trademark word was revealed – connected to, you guessed it, ‘holding the door’. Without giving too much away in this text, the track is a beautiful ode and tribute to the character’s tragic history and subsequent devotion to the aforementioned Bran Stark.

As Coleman croons himself, ‘I only had one mission, a simple one, I knew I had to face, when I reached the time and place, hold the door!’, cueing the feels of GOT diehards across the globe. Listen below, and prepare to lose your mind.

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Photo Credit: Helen Sloan