Mid-Week Video Wrap-Up: James Blake, Kaytranada & Kllo

James Blake, I Need A Forest Fire (Ft. Bon Iver)

This entrancing clip shows a revolving, purpleish soft light circle various objects like fossilised butterflies, orbs and half-covered figures of Blake and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Constantly circling, the spinning adds to the haunting song, with it’s own hypnotic ability amplified by the trance-inducing movement; each spin revealing a different object illuminated in the lavender hue. Truly beautiful, it’s a simplistic take that amplifies the beauty of Vernon and Blake’s harmonies and the intricate, delicate production bubbling along below them. Taken from Blake’s recent album, The Colour In Anything, it’s a sad tune that revels in it’s forlorn sorrow, and is a true standout on the record – and this clip makes it even more so.

KaytranadaLite Spots

Having just released his long awaited debut album, 99.9%, last Friday, Kaytranada is wasting no time keeping that hype at an all time high with the release of a brand new clip. Here, in Lite Spots, Kay whips himself up a human-like robot, which he then proceeds to take out on the town and teach it a variety of dance moves. It’s lighthearted and amplifies the dance-y track, but also a heartwarming tale as Kay steps up as dad to the robot when he’s unable to pop and lock it just right. Lite Spots is one of the most danceable tracks on 99.9%, and this goes to show the beatwizard himself seems to think so too. It’s actually hilarious watching Kaytranada dance, with the cutest goofy smile across his face. Now we just want to know, where can we get a robot like this of our own?

Kllo, Bolide

Melbourne electro soul duo Kllo returned in style earlier this year with Bolide, an upbeat tune that features sublime vocals from Chloe Kaul and footwork-inspired beats that represent a deviation from their native lo-fi sounds. Not that that is in any way a bad thing, Bolide is a catchy as hell tune with bright, feel-good vibes, and now it’s got some visuals to go with it. Starting off with what should probably come with a warning, strobe lights get a workout over hooded faces doing stretches in black and white before colour floods the screen. Figures dressed in black cut across and walk in different directions, which sounds chaotic but is actually rather calming. Probably thanks to how heavenly Bolide truly is. Set to head on a mini-national tour this week, Kllo are onto something big here!

Image: MissInfo