LISTEN: DJDS Remix Beyonce’s “Hold Up”

LA duo DJDS have dropped an upbeat, playful remix of one of the standouts on Beyoncé’s Lemonade, Hold Up. Instead of trying to take on the sound of the original, DJDS have sped it up, chopped Bey’s vocals and reworked them into the melody while keeping the original hook, “Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you.” They also added some of the vocals from Andy William‘s Can’t Get Used To Losing You, a song that Hold Up also samples. The track maintains the sing-along vibe of the original – despite the words being all over the place – but it feels more dance-floor ready.

When sharing the song on their Soundcloud DJDS said, “we made this to play last weekend at our show in LA. wanted to share it with everybody now. much respect to Beyoncé. love the new album.”

DJDS, formerly DJ Dodger Stadium is made up of Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy. They released their album Stand Up and Speak in February, worked on Kanye‘s The Life of Pablo and have been pumping out awesome remixes for a while now like this smooth, unique take on Rihanna‘s Work.

Image: Soundcloud / DJDS