Artist Reimagines Grime Stars As Pokèmon, Featuring JME, Skepta, Wiley And More

If your childhood was anything like mine, you spent way too much of your time running around Pallet Town wondering, “How the hell do I move that Snorlax!?” In contrast, if you’re current life is anything like mine, you spend way too much of your time scrolling through gig reviews of a culture you can’t even immerse yourself in, constantly wondering, “How the hell do I move to London!?”

To solve our problems, Brighton artist Ben Gore, the man behind the similarly brilliant Hip-Hop Tarot cards, has gone and created Grimèon: an amazing fusion between the UK’s once underground culture grime, and Pokèmon, the successful game and animated franchise.

If you keep up with grime, you’ll know that this isn’t the first time these two have mixed. The Pokèmon obsessed JME released track back in September in tribute titled The Very Best, and he even went on a mission for the elusive shining Charizards, trading gold vinyl copies of his album Integrity> with fellow Londoners; getting onto the Pokèmon Youtube channel to talk about it.

With this undoubtedly being a major influence, Gore took to his blog to announce a full set of grime themed cards, giving us a sneak peak. Artists shown off with their Pokèmon counterparts so far includes JME as himself, Skepta as Hitmonchan, Wiley as Meowth, Tempa T as Geodude, Ghetts as Abra, Newham Generals as two Dugtrios, Big Narstie as Snorlax and Section Boyz as Exeggcute. Keep your eye out, as Gore has promised a full set of twenty to be released in the next month, no doubt these will be in high demand.

Check out what’s in the series below, and to look at more of Ben’s work see his blogwebsite and store.








Artwork by Ben Gore

Image: Noisey