Burn The Panda: Radiohead & Desiigner Got The Mashup The World Was Waiting For

It had to happen at some point.

Desiigner‘s Panda and Radiohead‘s Burn The Witch may just be the most opposing songs in the public eye right now. One, a sleazy, low key and undeniably catchy hip-hop track, which has proven to be insanely popular across the globe, subsequently thrusting more hype on the 18-year-old up-comer than you can shake a Pablo at (whether he’ll live up to it or not is the real question).

The other was a surprise-release, following the band’s brief yet intense exit from the entire internet, and a welcome return for one of the most beloved, fiercely revered indie acts in history. It was released alongside a twisted animated clip with potential racially-charged undertones, and has since been revealed as the lead track on their brand new album A Moon Shaped Pool. 

Together? Burn The Panda.

Okay, a lot of people from both sides of the coin are going to absolutely hate the very notion that this exists, but I have to admit, I think it’s pretty cool. The blooming, chirpy orchestration of Burn The Witch works remarkably well beneath the trappy embellishments and Desiigner’s slightly-more-decipherable-than-Young-Thug verses about broads in Atlanta and black and white BMWs.

Desiigner’s explosive debut track has topped the Billboard charts, going so far as to knock heavyweights Beyonce, Drake and Rihanna off that coveted top spot for at least two weeks. Radiohead, meanwhile, have wowed us with their phenomenal ninth album A Moon Shaped Pool, and while it might not be competing with Drizzy on the commercial charts any time soon, it’s goddamn brilliant – read our review here.

While a mashup video doesn’t exist (yet), you can catch the brand new Panda video on Tidal, where you’ll also be able to find A Moon Shaped Pool, currently only streaming on Tidal and Apple Music.

Originally reviewed on Indie Shuffle

Image: The Hood Internet