Action Bronson Has No Love For Michael Jordan’s Sneakers

When it comes to food, hip-hop and wrestling, Action Bronson is a well-documented expert. Ever the renaissance man, the Brooklyn rapper caught up with Complex to talk sneakers. While keeping only one or two pairs on the road, the rapper revealed a nuanced knowledge of sneaker brands.

It turns out that Bronson was quick to develop an early affinity with New Balance 911s after admiring his mother’s footwear at a young age. That said, it’s Adidas’ Ultra Boosts that are the rapper’s go-to. While he lost his last pair when working out and eating chicken in a Jacuzzi, he had nothing but praise for the line.  “For me this has been the best shoe that’s come out in a long time, and I usually don’t like Adidas… I think this shoe changed the game,” he contended.

Bronson was reluctant to review Michael Jordan‘s brand of sneakers. “I had Jordans growing up, there’s no doubt about it. Nowadays, this has just become the go-to shoe for every single human being. I can’t do it,” he explained. “I don’t like the quality of them. I don’t like the look of them anymore. Something changed about it. The nostalgia ain’t there for me anymore. It became more like a circus shoe in my opinion.”

Despite owning a $30,000 pair of Jordans, he admitted he did not wear the brand.”I have a personal issue with Mike… We didn’t hit it off when we met. He looked at me, probably, as a little shit. He’s seven feet and can dunk on and put his nuts on my head, so he couldn’t care less about me. We just didn’t hit it off.” When presented with Nike shoes his spirits lifted, “honestly this is a better section for me.”

Image: ShockMansions