Listen: Broadway Sounds’ “Exclusive Love/Digital Influence”

We couldn’t get enough of Broadway Sounds‘ disco infused rhythms and psychedelic clip for Sing It Again last March.

Now the Melbourne trio have followed up with chunky synth-funk single Exclusive Love/Digital Influence. The title track from their forthcoming EP, Broadway Sounds’ latest continues the group’s proclivity for synthesising a bizarre collision of retro electronica and dance rhythms. Moving away from their Afro boogie leanings, this time round there’s a decidedly 80s flavour. Replete with rolling drum fills, the track lays down synth hooks and infectious funk grooves. It’s like something from Michael Jackson‘s Thriller meets Off The Wall.

Considering that the group have been frequenting festivals including Paradise, Beyond the Valley and Rainbow Serpent in the last year, it might not come as a surprise that they’ve incorporated a little more easygoing dance vibrations into their latest. With a seductively slapping synth bass, it seems the track is all about romantic dance floor liaisons. Eschewing any loftier pathos,  it’s the vocoded chorus line “Exclusive love/It’s going to get crazy/Yeah,” which sums the track up best.

The group’s Exclusive Love/Digital Influence EP will be dropping May 20 via London label 100 Billion Wires.

Image: Stu Morley