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The Birds and the Bees: Run The Jewels Drop “Love Again” ft. Gangsta Boo Video

Run The Jewels have released the video clip accompanying Love Again (Akinyele Back) ft. Gangsta Boo, from their 2014 album Run The Jewels 2.

Now, releasing a video about eighteen months after it first came out isn’t typical, and I usually wouldn’t pay too much attention. However, Run The Jewels, and this song in particular, are a special case. It’s without doubt my favourite track on the album, one that I delighted in discussing at length while interviewing them early last year.

A tremendous ode to dirty sex, the lyrics feature Killer Mike, El-P and Gangsta Boo with one verse each, going into raunchy detail about a particular sexual experience. Mike details a BDSM-laced dinner-turned-fuck-fest, El reminisces over the first time he met a woman, “smart and full of filth and joy.” Gangsta Boo then proceeds to knock them both outta the park with her raucous tale of turning a boy into a man, rating him so highly that she’s gonna “share yo’ ass with all my friends.”

The hook, “she want that dick in her mouth all day” and the reversed “he want this clit in his mouth all day” are hilarious to watch full mixed gender crowds rock along to. Not so hilarious the numerous times I’ve been walking down the street listening to this track, mouthing the lyrics along, not noticing people giving me weird looks. 

After teasing fans with cryptic clues across all social media, the Love Again video is now here. RTJ have long released powerful and interesting videos, with their politically-charged clips for Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) and the darkly animated Early offering confronting views into racial violence and injustice in the USA, and, on the flip side, showing off innovation and technological feats with the virtual reality, 360 degree video to Crown. Love Again is totally different in every way imaginable. 

The pair performed at Coachella this weekend, during which they premiered the video. More nature documentary than video clip, the video is essentially a series of extreme close up shots of bees and flowers, with venus fly trap plants pulsating in time with the rhythm on the final verse. 

Watch the exceptionally suggestive visuals below:

Image: Youtube / Run The Jewels