Run The Jewels channel Frank Miller in politically-charged new video

Following on from El-P‘s announcement last week that no, Run The Jewels 3 is probably not going to be out this year, but yes, Meow The Jewels is still happening, Run The Jewels went and did us a solid and dropped a new video for their track, Early.


In true, not surprising at all RTJ style, it’s politically charged, makes you think and also makes you slightly sad. Clearly inspired by comic book artist Frank Miller (not totally surprising due to RTJ’s obvious love of comic books), the animated clip is an intense look at the rappers’ own experiences with police brutality, political ignorance and generally being shit on and constantly let down by those who should be helping them. It’s harrowing, but needed to happen as the two continue their fight to shine light on the injustices happening in America (check out Killer Mike‘s recent lecture he gave at MIT). El-P himself agreed with the desperate need for change, tweeting the sad truth when he dropped the clip.

Screen-Shot-2015-05-15-at-11-18-34-AMYou can – and should – check the clip out below. If you need to dust up on your RTJ knowledge, take a look at our interview with them or our live review of their show last year.