Noel Gallagher Goes Off At Audience Member For Blowing Bubbles

Bubbles. Nary a person alive doesn’t enjoy their soapy, spherical presence and bright, rainbow sheen. Except perhaps, for one Noel Gallagher. Apparently the British musician was not impressed by an audience member blowing them in the front row of his concert in Melbourne on Tuesday.

Gallagher literally stopped his show at the Margaret Court Arena to chastise the fan, who had reportedly brought a bubble machine in. The logistics of smuggling a bubble machine into a gig aside, Gallagher was not impressed.

“Hey El Houdini,” said Gallagher according to The Independent. “Someone actually brought a fucking bubble machine to a gig. You’re a magician? Why don’t you make the fucking bubbles disappear then? Did you pay to get in? Or did you magic yourself through the fucking door? If you bought a ticket you’re a shit magician.”

At the conclusion of his performance, Gallagher managed to slip in one last warning: “If they mention in the fucking review of this gig that I had a shit bubble machine on stage you’re in fucking big trouble.”

Obviously trying to perform some of your greatest hits while translucent floating orbs block your vision must be pretty distracting, but still, it’s not as if the audience members were throwing bottles of urine.

The bubblegate episode clearly did not escape some reviewer’s pieces, because Cameron Adams from started off his review with “Sorry Noel”. Classy.

Playing a selection of his High Flying Birds catalogue, as well as some of his most revered Oasis hits, the bubbles didn’t seem to detract from the overall enjoyability of the concert. You can breathe easy now Noel.

Gallagher’s been having a bit of an interesting time throughout his NZ/Australian tour. His equipment was delayed on a flight over from South America and he didn’t seem to happy to be touching down in Adelaide either, wearing his characteristically morose expression as he sauntered through the airport to his next commitment. 

The Project also failed to bleep out Gallagher after he swore during an interview, saying “chock-a-block with the fucking things” when asked about dealing with record labels and awards. In fairness to Gallagher, it was a pre-recorded interview which clearly wasn’t scrutinised closely enough by the editorial team.