Redfoo’s New Album Only Sold 144 Copies In First Week

Redfoo, a.k.a Stefan Gordy, the man who brought you such hits as Sorry for Party Rocking and I’m Sexy And I Know it (questionable) won’t be in the mood for much party rocking after the latest numbers roll in on his new album.

The album is named Party Rock Mansion, and it has sold 144 copies in Australia. Despite his short-lived status in Australia during his tenure as a judge on X Factor, it seems us Aussies just can’t get around the budgie-smuggling wearing fiend and his new musical offering.

The dismal sales numbers mean that Party Rock Mansion entered the ARIA charts at 172. This is doubly disappointing for Redfoo, who once counted Australia as one of his most successful conquests after Let’s Get Ridiculous hit No. 1 in 2013, the only country to do so… Probably (hopefully) only because it was filmed in Manly.

New Thang also managed to make it No. 3 in Australia back in 2014, as well as Juicy Wiggle, which didn’t go down well considering that in Melbourne ‘juicy’ is the term used to describe someone rendered incapacitated by GHB.

This isn’t the first time Australians have expressed their disapproval of Redfoo. The former member of LMFAO was glassed at the Golden Sheaf in Paddington back in 2014. The assailant even had the audacity to wink and blow a kiss at Redfoo afterwards. Luckily, Redfoo only sustained minor cuts to his forehead.

Undoubtedly, Redfoo’s ego has taken an even greater bruising than the glassing incident could have ever inflicted on him in the wake of his low Australian sales numbers. But the abysmal performance of Party Rock Mansion is not really surprising when you take a look at the track-listing of the album, which includes songs called Good Things Happen When Ya Drunk and Booty Man.

Apart from producing music that is the auditory equivalent of sonic diarrhoea, Redfoo has been in hot water before for featuring in such classic hits like Literally I Can’t, by Play N Skillz, a song lambasted for its misogynistic lyrics for telling college sorority girls to “shut the fuck up” after they repeat the phrase “literally I can’t” when pressured to drink, dance and make out with each other.

All of this controversy surrounding Foo and his questionable musical choices eventually lead to his ejection from the X Factor Judging panel. Which begs the question: Why was Redfoo ever a judge on a musical talent show?

If you’re having trouble comprehending why this is such an issue, take a look at our list of the worst things that Redfoo has his name on.

Image: Youtube