Paul McCartney To Release Career-long Compilation

Paul McCartney has had a busy post-Beatles career, and it can be hard to keep track of all that he’s done on his own. Thankfully, the evidence can now be found in Pure McCartney, his upcoming compilation filled with a massive 67 songs from his solo career.

“Me and my team came up with the idea of putting together a collection of my recordings with nothing else in mind other than having something fun to listen to,” McCartney explains how it all came together, according to his official website. “We got our heads together and came up with these diverse playlists from various periods of my long and winding career.”

The lead singer of the legendary band is still making music to this day, so you can just imagine the wide range you’d have to choose from. Despite the fact that he’s devoted his life to it, he refuses to call his relationship with music a “career”.

“The word “career” is a bit misleading because to me it has been more like a musical adventure than a proper job,” he says.

He’s also made music, that is through writing or recording, with so much other artists from so many different genres, such as Wings, Rihanna, Kayne West, Michael Jackson, The Fireman, George Michael, Johnny Cash and Stevie Wonder.

“It pleases me, and often amazes me, that I’ve been involved in the writing and recording of so many songs, each of them so different from the others,” he says graciously.

His website also contains the album’s cover art and a lengthy tracklist, so check out the link above. Some of the tracks include Maybe I’m Amazed, Ebony and Ivory, My Valentine, Say Say Say [2015 remix], Silly Love Songs, Live and Let Die and, one of his most recent tracks, Hope For The Future.

Pure McCartney will be released on June 10.

Image: Pitchfork (originally from Paul McCartney’s Official Website)