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Lil Wayne Given The Key To Lafayette, Louisiana

It seems today you are nobody if you haven’t been given a key to your home city, as Lil Wayne became the latest recipient after he was handed a key to Lafayette, Louisiana.

The New Orleans rapper was given the key while backstage at an exclusive gig and was clearly impressed with the honour.

Local mayor Joel Robideaux was on hand to give Lil Wayne the key to his hometown.

“We appreciate what you and Tidal have done on behalf of the philanthropic efforts and we’re so proud of our Ragin’ Cajuns, Alpha Phi Alpha, for what they did and we want to present to you a very special key to the city that we made specifically for you,” the mayor said.

“This is a one of a kind, nobody else has it. … That’s the only one in America.”

Lil Wayne was at the concert for Lafayette students as part of the streaming service Tidal’s campaign called Social Wave for Change. According to The Daily Advertiser, the rapper was on hand at the Cajun Dome because the local school had won a charity contest.

The student led initiative devised by the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity sought to donate water bottles to Flint, Michigan who are still suffering through severe water contamination in the area. The school reportedly donated nearly 7,000 bottles to the cause.

Prior to the gig, Lil Wayne wrote a column in the Huffington Post where he declared the importance of charity work.

“It’s truly humbling to see such young individuals put in hard work that really makes a difference for communities, causes and people across the country,” he wrote.

“Not many people are fortunate enough to say that they can make a difference. Not many people are blessed enough to inspire America’s youth. I can. And I do. I’m always trying to do good and give back to communities that need it most: from supporting after-school programs, giving back to Haiti, and most recently working with Tidal on the Social Wave for Change,” he continued.

Image: HipHopDX