Watch Kano’s Moving Performances Of ‘This Is England’ And ‘Strangers’ Featuring Bowie Mashup

A lot’s been happening with the P’s & Q’s Grime don, Kano recently. Apart from acting in the Drake endorsed Top Boy, after a six year hiatus, he finally came back to release his fifth studio album Made In The Manor, and damn it was good. Now, Kano has graced the 1Xtra Live Lounge once again, performing his two of his most moving and introspective songs off the project, This Is England and Strangers.

Accompanied by full brass section, live instrumentation and vocalists, both of these tracks come across extremely powerfully. This Is England just bangs, seriously. As Kano flexes his ‘Rocky stairway flow’ you can’t help but be guided on a motivational journey.

The track Strangers has a different vibe completely, focussing on a piano driven retrospective vibe. The chorus, sung beautifully, also gives a nod to the late David Bowie, incorporating his song Changes, and amplifying the deeper message. I’m not going to lie; this gave me chills. The live piano just chimes perfectly as Kano’s East London accent glides throughout.

If you’re so inclined you can also listen to the full 15 minute interview/ feature with the BBC 1Xtra radio show. You can’t sleep on this.

Image: The Guardian