Bobby Shmurda GS9

Bobby Shmurda’s Fellow Gang Members Facing 100 Years In Prison

Bobby Shmurda affiliates from the GS9 gang, to which the rapper allegedly belongs, have been convicted of murdering a rival NYC gang member.

According to and a press release they obtained from the Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office in New York City, two members of the GS9 street gang, Rashid Derissant and Alex Crandon have been both found guilty of a slew of charges. Along with being found guilty of murder in the second degree of the 19-year-old rival gang member in Brooklyn, they were also found guilty of various other charges such as conspiracy, numerous counts of attempted murder, assault and many more offences in varying degrees.

In the same press release, the prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan had this to say about the announced verdict: “The jurors in this trial heard evidence describing a cold blooded murder, wild gunplay and a terrifying disregard for the safety of innocent bystanders as the defendants tried to violently settle scores with rivals in New York City and beyond,” she stated.

“When Rashid Derrisant and Alex Crandon were armed, theirs was a neighbourhood under siege.”

Bobby Shmurda and his unfortunate rap sheet were first brought into the very public eye by long forgotten Martin Shkreli, who yammered on about bailing Shmurda out of jail before quickly disappearing from our collective memory. Shmurda later spoke out about his mistreatment in correctional facilities as well as suggesting his arrest was a conspiracy in itself.

With his alleged associates each facing a maximum penalty of 100 years behind bars, it remains to be seen whether or not these convictions will play a role in Bobby Shmurda’s own trial, which is set to begin May 11. The rapper also faces a multitude of charges which include conspiracy, weapons and drugs charges due to his alleged involvement with GS9 and has had his bail denied seven times.

Image: xxlmag